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The Gateway to the South Road Properties

I took the liberty to take one of Cebu’s prominent projects, the “South Coastal Road” which is the gateway to the South Road Properties. While the latter will soon to be or the future home of two of the prestigious names we know, the SM Seaside City Cebu and the Filinvest’s Citta di Mare. Construction for Seaside City has started already and for sure this will change again the landscape of Cebu City and will be included as one of Cebu’s iconic landmarks.

On the far right of the photo is the viaduct coming from the South Coastal Road tunnel.

This is the rest of the coastal road going towards the South Road Properties, (far left) overlooking the mountains of Cebu.

Trying Out Sunrise Photography

I had an early morning work today and I left the house 10 minutes earlier and arrived at work just on time for 0630H. I should have been earlier if I didn’t stop to take my first ever snapshot of sunrise. The one below was taken a few meters away from the house but I am not satisfied not to get the whole picture of  the sunrise without any obstruction.So I drive a few meters out of the compound hoping to get a glimpse of the unobstructed sunrise and here’s what I got. Continue reading

How to Extend Family Visit Visa in Qatar (2 of 2)

When we are already inside the immigration office to try our luck if we can extend the visa of my father-in-law without having to do with finger printing, the response I got from the officer was… It is NOT needed when extending a family visit visa. And before I can say something he then asked me if we are applying for extension and without any hesitation I immediately said yes. Who knows he might change his mind for I know they are almost near closing for the morning shift.

When he asked about the passport, it was a lightning quick that I hand it over to him. I was surprised with the turn of events while at the same time, glad of the kindness of the immigration officer. What surprised me more is when he asked me of how many more months we intend to extend my father-in-law’s visit with us? I know for the fact that a friend of mind was only given 2 more months when he applied for his brother and for his in-laws also, he even have to ask his wife to do the transactions before they were approved with the maximum allowable extension.Travel Photolog - Visa Extended

Anyway, I replied and never hesitated telling him that we want to extend it with the maximum allowable 5 months. He then went back to his computer with no objection, do some tinkering in his keyboard and before I can blink my eyes… the printer goes off printing a little piece of paper. It took a few seconds and when it came out from the machine, he peel off the back portion of the sticker and placed it above the visa in the passport, on the upper page. We then sneak out fast and away from the immigration office before he could change his mind and who knows he might take it back. I believe it just took less than 10 minutes from the time we entered the door of the immigration office and was already outside of the premises.

So here’s how we did the process on how to extend the family visit visa in Qatar of my father-in-law. Continue reading