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When the Going Gets Tough

This was captured when we were preparing to take our lunch and then suddenly he became silent which is very unusual of him. It is one of those days when the going gets tough and hard to resist. This is the result of having an active toddler who keeps running all day long.

And I think it is even getting harder when you tried to resist the temptation and you are unable to do it. Look how his face buried on his arm and he hasn’t eaten his lunch yet. It is like down, down and totally gone.

Remembering Ogtong Cave Resort

I could still remember our trip to Ogtong Cave Resort in Bantayan Island, Cebu. Bantayan is situated at northwest of Cebu in the northern most part just off the coast of San Remegio. If you are in Hagnaya, it is an hour ride by boat from Hagnaya Port in San Remegio and about 10 minutes ride from Sta. Fe port. It is a descent place to stay but not for longer time since their rates are quite expensive for the kind of amenities they have in the resort. There seems to have lots of restrictions even only a few guests are staying (at least when we are there).

This is the main pool in front of the restaurant.

The beach front.

The entrance of the resort.

My Entry for Travel Tuesday

Travelling in the Tropics

Since yesterday the temperature’s at night and early morning doesn’t go above 12 degrees Celsius (54 F) and tomorrow it will be 9 degrees then on Thursday it will further drop a notch lower at 8 degrees (46 F). Then the rest of the week will be just like that and it makes me want to just stay on bed or travel to the tropics. It is indeed chilly inside the house and there’s no furnace to at least make it warm.

This made me to keep tracking of the remaining days before D-Day. I actually have a scheduled travel for a vacation in Cebu, Philippines either on the first or third of March this year and I am hoping that it isn’t that hot there yet. It will also be a perfect time to try and take more snapshots for the 600D and how well it goes. This reminds me in our vacation last year (July) when I wasn’t able to take more pictures as I want to since the battery of my PowerShot S400 will just die down so quick and there’s seems to have some issues too in the memory card. But this time around I will no longer be deprived of that opportunity to practice shooting more pictures in Cebu and probably Palawan too.

We don’t have descent pictures of his celebration and most are blurry including the customized cake that angers my wife as it wasn’t the one she expected to have. Below was the cake and the tarp used in his birthday.

Show Your Support for Walgreens

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

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The special discount offered by Walgreens at only $5 for individual and $10 for family members is hard to resist. But with the ongoing dispute and unresolved negotiations with Express Scripts, it cost so many headaches especially to the US military personnel. They were actually caught in the middle considering Tricare is the one who handles their health and prescription drug program. More so to service members that’s deployed overseas. For more guidance and up to date news follow Walgreens on Twitter.

Express Scripts’ actions have thrown Walgreens customers in limbo at which pharmacy to go and that they should consider the big disruption it has cause, knowing the value of community pharmacy in lowering the health care costs. So show your support by liking Walgreens on Facebook and be updated with new developments.

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