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Remembering the Tragic Day at the Mall

As I was ghost writing for someone several days ago about fire safety, it reminds me of the tragic event that happened in the Villagio Mall. It was so tragic that it cost the lives of 19 people and what made it more devastating is that 13 of them are children below 5 years old including the triplets. Below were our shots during one of our visits in the children’s theme park inside the mall.


Below is one of the attractions at the center of the mall where they replicate the famous Gondola in Venice and customers can ride the boat  at a minimal fee. Several steps from the right side of the left photo, where you can see a blue car, is where the fire started and trapped the children in a day care center inside the mall.


366 BPC

The Flight Going to Palawan

Our trip to Palawan takes off at 11 (that was 12 March 2012) in the morning without a glitch. There’s only one direct flight living Cebu bound for Puerto Princesa in the morning and the only flight of Cebu Pacific but they have a daily flights. There are other carriers plying to Palawan but their flights are in mid-afternoon. And if you are going to maximize your time in a day it would be better to leave Cebu late in the morning so you still have enough time to roam around in the afternoon.


Since we are going to visit the underground river, we opted to choose Cebu Pacific’s flight because of the cut-off time in visiting the subterranean river. There’s no more motorized boat that will sail beyond 3 o’clock in the afternoon for safety reasons. They are trying to avoid disturbing the habitat of the bats when it is now there time to move out from the cave. The trip from Sabang Port going to the underground river is about 45 minutes and that also will depend on the sea current since it is facing the West Philippine Sea (some call it South China Sea).

The flight was smooth until we reach Palawan and touched down at Puerto Princesa Airport. But before we even depart Mactan Cebu International Airport we noticed some unusual thing on the domestic departure schedule board at the main lobby. The picture on the left says different from what you can see on the right side. (Take note of Cebu Pacific’s last flight – 5J 227)


We are worried at first when we finished checking in for our flight and saw the departure schedule that doesn’t coincide with our boarding pass. We asked the airport personnel first before planning of going back to Cebu Pacific counter but to our surprise, they said that we just have to ignore it because it happens very often. Instead, we just follow what’s in our boarding pass and in the final boarding destination electronic board. I was a little bit disappointed considering that MCIA is the second major international airport in the Philippines.

Some Interesting Snapshots

When we brought our son to the family park way back February of this year, I took some shots that I would say has some interesting features in it. As my son chased the ducks, I saw this remarkable shape of the tree below and immediately took a snap before I lost sight of my son. Who don’t know how to stop running maybe because it was his first time to see a huge field covered with grass and a big lagoon as well?

The shape of the tree is interesting but it is stunningly gorgeous as well. Then several steps away, I saw another interesting signage that was posted in several places at the center of the park. I took another shot of one of it for I found something interesting of the ten prohibitions they have had in the park. You check it out yourself and let me know which one is it.