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Safety Tips when Travelling by Car

Outdoor camping is an experience one should not miss. Going outdoors for a camp-out and getting away from the city noise and clutter is a welcome treat. A lot of things are always taken into consideration whenever you go out to a place you are not familiar with.

First, one has to know where he wants to go and always do a research about the place you selected and one may talk to some people who have been to that place which is the best way. Safety should always come first on the list too. Second, one has to have a checklist for all the things to bring and as I always said it should have the very basic first aid kit, waterproof flash lights, extra batteries, insect repellent lotions, a portable GPS, a waterproof case for valuable items like cellphones, camera and other electronic gadgets and of course do not forget to bring a map of the campsite.

Being a safety advocate myself, I just want to share the basic acronym “B-L-O-W-B-A-G” that most still doesn’t know especially if you plan of travelling with your car.

B – for Brakes

L – Lights

O – Oil/lubes/fluids

W – Water or coolant for the radiator

B – Batteries

A – Air pressure of tires

G – Gas

There could be more things to check like clutch linings, early warning devices and a lot more just make sure the car is good to go for a long ride. One may also inquire for the location of the nearest hospital, police station or any emergency units available in the area for a quick access in cases of emergency.

It’s Time to Relax

When a person gets too loaded about paper works like sales reports, expense reports and other reports needed to meet a nagging deadline, one could only think of escaping or accomplishing it speedy fast so that they could go for a well-deserved rest and recreation.

Once you have submitted everything, you can now start to book yourself for a short getaway to the next island paradise. But just make sure that all the work deadlines are met otherwise you will end up working on the weekend to finish things and your booking will just go to the waste basket and end up losing a lot of money. Or, the worse is losing your job when you get back from an ecstatic trip.

And when you have put everything in place, make sure that before you leave, you’ve made a checklist just to make sure that you have filed all things that are needed like bills, mortgages and credit card is in check to avoid hassles during the trip. Nowadays, there a lots of travel agencies who offer cheap air travel especially if you travel in groups, advance bookings and some are offering holiday discounts and frequent flyer promos. Take advantage of these deals for you to be able to maximize every penny that you spent for a well-deserved getaway.

Safety Travel Tips

During the fasting month of Ramadan and the week long Eid holiday, many had the chance to get away from our toxic and hectic work schedules. One can get on his light cool get-up with light and comfortable sandals for travelling and head for the beach, or you could probably get your gears for climbing and ascend to the Rockies. But some people just spend time dozing off in their comfy beds with light and fresh smelling linens for a deep slumber.

And for those who prefer to travel, one should not forget to accomplish a checklist or a list of things to bring and do before heading off to the flight pads or sea ports. These checklists helps in minimizing the chance of leaving behind some important things that are essential to your travel like maps, portable GPS, basic first-aid kit and other stuff that are needed to the place of your destination. Some perhaps won’t forget to bring their iPhone 5? And often times you are most likely unfamiliar in the specifics of the place.

Make also another list of things you want to do during the getaway like visiting historical sites, local restaurants or deli offering their native delicacies. That is why it is also important to do a little research on the place you are going to visit yet I would say that this is a must especially when it is your first time to the unknown place. And since the advent of the internet it is now so easy to check for any travel tips on safety and precautions to the place you want to pay a visit.

The Netherlands: Drug Tourism Destination

The Netherlands who is often referred as Holland is very well known of the very fact that about 20% of its land area is below sea level and 50% of its entire land lies less than one meter above sea level.  And there’s only one thing that the Dutch are always afraid of, the risk of flooding. But that was way long time ago when they loss a considerable land mass in one of the most destructive floods in history and not to mention the thousands of lives lost.

In order to guard against floods, the Dutch embarked in a massive project that took more than 30 years to complete that is known as the Delta Works. The enormous undertaking was presumed to reduce the risk of flooding to once per 10,000 years for the rest of the Netherlands. And because of its engineering intricacies and huge master plan of the North Sea protection works, it was even considered as one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

And the Netherlands became one of the most frequented countries by many tourists and marijuana users as well. Drug tourism is often associated in the Netherlands as you can freely use marijuana in coffee shops but there were changes in its drug policy in the last few years. And that the use of certain strains of marijuana has been banned because of its unacceptable risk to human health. For sure there are medical marijuana evaluation centers available, the likes of Arizona medical marijuana evaluation center who will assist people lawfully in gaining access to medical marijuana.