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The Convenience of Park and Fly

As the mode of transportation became sophisticated so does the moving around of people and cargo from one place to another. And it also became an opportunity for business minded individual to start investing in airport parking or in a park and fly scheme. This became a hit and a huge business for many hotels near the airports as it is a convenient way to frequent traveler as you know that you own your time when you get back from your travel because you can just drive with your car when you arrive.

Many of the busy airports nowadays, like Heathrow and JFK Airport, are offering plenty of choices when it comes to parking your car while you are away for either pleasure or business trip. Different airport and different place probably have different terminologies being used like park and ride, meet and greet, meet on return and the most common (at least for me) is the park and fly. I believe all of them are just the same and if not then it would only be just a small difference. And in terminal 5 long stay are being offered at an attractive fee that is hard to resist.

The park and fly package is what came to my mind when this kind of subject is brought up. I remembered it one time before when I use my father’s car and since I don’t want to just leave it to anyone in Cebu, so I decided to park it inside the hotel in front of the airport and registered it in the hotel’s valet parking service. In that way, I know that the car is safe and I only have to pay a daily fee which somehow is a reasonable price considering the kind of service they have. In fact, they use a checklist to inspect your car before you leave so you can claim for any damages that might happen that is not recorded in the checklist.

Image from wikimedia commons.

Using Payday Loans When Traveling

Most people probably have money problems. There are many countries around the world which are still in economic crisis and making ends meet is a continuous struggle for many families. In Canada, financial woes such as daily expenses of living, utility bills, educational expenses, credit card bills, and paying off debts are but a few that must be taken care of. For those who have a terrible credit score, getting a loan from the bank would really be difficult. If your options are limited and you need cash right away, payday loans Canada services must be considered. The process is quite easy because no documents are required and application is done online. All that’s needed is a permanent job.

There are probably people who are so tired of their everyday lives, working long hours a day that they’re dying to take a vacation and just relax for a few days and see some paradise. Whether you’re going to another country or choose to travel to somewhere nearby, having extra cash is a must. Availing of payday loans can get you a cash advance within a day. Though the amount to be loaned is quite small, it’s more than enough to buy a plane ticket as well as pay for accommodation. It will also cover your pocket money. Make sure however to pay your loan on the due date because delays are charged with high penalties.

Remembering the Bantayan Getaway

The Philippines have three major islands and are blessed with wonderful beaches with powdery white or the black sand in Bicol and Iligan. In Visayas, you can find the island of Boracay. And another island found in the northern part of Cebu is the Bantayan Island. This Island is less populated compared to others which mean less exploitation on its natural resources like the fine grain sand, lush greenery and also the aquatic resources. The island boasts of its white sand that is mysteriously cool to the feet even on a hot summer. Seafood abound in this paradise, one can taste the freshness of these sea delights right on their dining tables.

Getting to this wonderful Island is easy. Most people get there by bus and then hop on a ferry.  Although there’s a small private airport in the island but that is never been the way for the masses because you’re going to miss what you can see in the towns that you pass along the way.

So if your starting point is from Cebu City, take a cab to the North Bus Terminal. Once there, you’ll find barkers that will guide you to the bus bound for Hagnaya. There can be baggage handlers around that can help you too but just prepare for a tip of around 10-20 pesos which already puts a smile on their face. Then from there, you will travel for about 3 ½ hours to the port of Hagnaya where ferries are waiting to take you to the other island for your Bantayan Getaway. Sometimes the seas are rough but there ain’t any moby dick in the area.

Exploring Palawan

Palawan is an island province of the Philippines. The provincial capital is Puerto Princesa and it is the largest province in terms of land area and is considered as the last frontier of the Philippines.

The island of Palawan stretches from Mindoro to Borneo in the southwest. It lies between the West Philippines Sea in the northwest and Sulu Sea in the southeast. Palawan is considered to be the Philippines’ last ecological frontier. The province boasts many splendid beaches and resorts and it is where the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park and the Puerto Prinsesa Subterranean River two of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites are located.

So Exploring Palawan is a wonderful experience considering that what you can see here are not common in most parts of the Philippines or even on the other parts of the world. You can see the limestone cliffs, lagoons and hidden beautiful white beaches in El Nido, the Underground River in the national park and its inhabitants in Sabang town. This place is also teeming with seafood and exotic meats like the crocodile which is a good viand while watching the presidential debate.

Getting to this place is easy as they have flights going straight to Puerto Princessa airport in Palawan from Manila. Or a connecting flight from Cebu and Mindanao. And if you want to maximize your short getaway in Palawan, I would recommend that you talk to someone who knows the area very well and who could give you the best offer of your money with straight forward deals that you don’t bother to haggle. So I want you to check out Paradise Village Travel and Tours for they will give you personalized packages that would surely fit your itinerary.