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The Benefits of Traveling

We all deserve a break after a long period of work and holidays like the Veterans Day, is no better way to take advantage in relieving that work-related stress. Based on personal experience, escaping from the usual busy schedule even just for awhile gives me that refreshing feeling and the renewed sense of enthusiasm for life and for my job as well. I reckon that if this idea works on me, there’s no reason it won’t work for others who are as job-oriented and as hard-working as I am. <wink>

You see, it is not bad to spend that hard-earned money of yours for a little taste of luxury for you and your family. And setting aside an amount for travel insurance is worthy enough if you spend quality time with your children or your parents in some place where you have never been before. Although traveling is quite costly but believe me, it is worth the time, the effort and the money you spend because not only you will see other places, you will also learn and experience different culture, meet other people, make new friends, gain new perspective in life and most importantly, you will appreciate life all the more and it will even inspire you to work harder to save up for your next travel.

Another Beach Holiday Plan

My wife and I started planning the possibility of having our next trip in Singapore. But since I had a blast during my getaway in Palawan last March, I can’t wait to have our next travel there. Although everything is not final yet and there’s a possibility too that our next destination could still change. As of this time, we are still busy browsing the web in pursuit of finding cheap vacation packages that we can possibly avail. As a matter of fact, we found some sites already but we have not just decided which place to go. There are too many beautiful places to explore with so little time and yes, with a really tight budget.

We are considering of going somewhere quiet and peaceful to at least have a time to read Bram Stoker books. And I am thinking of visiting Coron since I have read a lot of great reviews. I know I just had one this year but obviously I haven’t had enough of it so I would like to try again the experience of waking up early in the morning to catch the sunrise and watch the sun as it sets in the evening. But this time, it is with my family already and it’s also possible that we might go back to El Nido since they haven’t seen its beauty yet. And wherever it is, we are looking forward to experience something unique in the place that we finally choose.

Early Plans for the Next Summer

Time flies so fast and before I knew it, the US Election 2012 is over and Christmas season is here once again then the next turn of time will have summer right there knocking at our doorstep too. I know it’s still too early to be talking about summer holiday plans considering that Christmas and New Year are not over yet but hey, I learned that there are several advantages of early-planned trips. One reason is, summer is a peak season and resorts and hotels are usually having full bookings during this time of year so it’s a matter of “early bookers, catch the rooms.”

Another reason is that hotel discounts are usually available for early birds which give them a great deal of savings. And with the estimated expenses being foreseen already, there is enough time to save up for the needed amount for the next holiday trip. I actually am a very spontaneous person. I like to do things as they come and just “cross the bridge” when I get to it but I realized there’s no harm in trying to be more organized this time especially that I’ll be spending my hard-earned money so there’s no way that this summer trip is going to fail.

The World is Your Oyster

Thanks to today’s extensive list of package holiday destinations, the world really is your oyster.

Just think, you could be jetting off for seaside fun in Greece, soaking up the sights of ancient monuments in Egypt, cruising the Mediterranean in luxury or exploring Dubrovnik’s ancient city walls in Croatia. Or maybe you’d prefer to be scaling the heights of Mount Teide in Tenerife, or shopping for designer labels in Italy?

Whatever you fancy and wherever you want to go, today’s holiday market can almost certainly take you there. And what’s more, it won’t have to cost the earth. Affordable package holidays come in all shapes and sizes, it really just comes down to your definition of “affordable” – for instance, it could be a quick hop over to the sun-soaked shores of Spain for a week by the beach, or it could be a fortnight in fun-filled Florida with the whole family.

If you’re after a package holiday, you’ll find plenty of holiday deals in the form of last-minute getaways. These can apply to any package holiday destination from the Caribbean to Portugal, Thailand to the Canary Islands. Booking within a week or two of the departure date can certainly present plenty of reduced-price holidays, but it can also be a risky strategy as you never know what you’re going to get, and your top choices could easily get snapped up by other eagle-eyed holidaymakers.

It’s often better to book well in advance – as much as a year or more before your departure date – and enjoy the lion’s share of choice as well as some decent early bird discounts. Plus, you’ll get a little longer to pay off the cost of the holiday, save some spending money, and plan all the things you’ll do once you get there.

From the theme parks of Florida to the sun-baked shores of Spain, the world really is your oyster…

 Image from thomascook.