Being Messy Isn’t Horrible At All

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It’s been a long, a very long time since I remembered that I’ve been confined in a cubicle to work and I hated it very much. I find it boring to be stuck on the desk to do my job for I always wanted to be working at the forefront. One reason that I don’t want to work in a cubicle is my tendency to mess things around and before I knew it, it’s already horrible. I am not just good at it especially when I am already anticipating my vacation days.

When we travel for our vacation, my desk in the house is always the last to be fixed and then there’s the tendency also that I’m gonna forget about it. It does not just happen once but a few times already and for now, I don’t have some cubicle to clean up. But if you do have a disorganized, messy or horrible cubicle or workplace out there then here’s your chance to join and win in the Pimp My Cube Contest.

The contest is so easy that all you have to do is logon to the site and upload your worst and pathetic cubicle and tell everyone why you would like it to be pimped and have a makeover. And remember that the prize at stake is worth around $1200 which includes, a high end computer system, some cubicle furniture and an entertainment package. So you think being messy is horrible? Not all the time, I guess.

The contest is ongoing and it will close on 31 January 2012 at 12:00PM.

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