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Travelling to Watch Real Madrid

I’ve been counting the days since the time when the news came around that Real Madrid will be playing at the Khalifa International Stadium. What made it more exciting or perhaps a must have to watch is because Los Blancos are playing against Paris Saint-Germain then it will be another Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic face-off. It was indeed their first meeting after Ronaldo held Sweden to a 4-2 aggregate win in the World Cup playoff and all Portugal goals came from CRon himself including a hat-trick right at the home turf of Zlatan.

And here are the images that I got from our road trip to watch Real Madrid vs. PSG in a friendly match at the Khalifa International Stadium with the Spanish outfit coming out victorious with a slim 1-0 score. But neither CRon nor Zlatan could find the back of the net. And I could have also shot some close up images if only I have the telephoto lens with me, so I just have to make use of the available kit lens. I am still happy with it rather than nothing at all.

Khalifa International Stadium with The Torch Hotel on the left.

This is my second trip to watch a football match and it was supposedly with my wife and son, just like when we watch “The Battle of the Champions” in February last year. But our son had just recovered from his fever and on the other side, we are also so fortunate that they did not come because it rained during the match and luckily we are not that soaking wet. It’s for that reason also that I have taken only a few snapshots of the match and during the trip. Thanks to the PSG banners that were on our seats which we use to at least cover us from the rain. I could not imagine if our son was with us.

Making the pitch ready for the match.

And the game has started.

The half time whistle goes off. RM 1-0 PSG

The 2nd half of action ended without a goal.

The other side of the stadium.

The Battle Between CRon and Zlatan Continues

Yesterday before we watch the movie, Tarzan, I went to buy tickets for the January 2 friendly match between Real Madrid and PSG. The champions of Spain are going to face the champions of France. It may be just a friendly game but there must be some bragging rights with it since two of the most expensive football players are facing France’s current league leaders Paris Saint-Germain. At the same time, it will be the first time that Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo will face each other again since CRon single-handedly eliminated Sweden in the World Cup qualification match last month.

After having the tickets on my hand, I am so excited that I will be able to watch live another high profile football match, more so that it will be Real Madrid, my favorite team who are playing, as if I won the mega millions jackpot in lottery. And we will be driving again for almost 50 kilometers just to watch the game but I think it is worth the travel since it’s seldom you’ll have such match with two of football’s biggest names facing each other. This could be Zlatan’s only chance of revenge against Cristiano Ronaldo after he was humbled by Ronaldo’s hat trick during the second leg of the World Cup qualification. And this could be another battle between Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Travelling 50KM to Renew a Driving License

The day has come that it’s time for me to renew my driving license. But the funny thing was, I almost forget about it and it was only four days ago that it came back to my attention when we pass-by the traffic police department on our way home to pick-up some groceries.

We actually went out earlier on that day to bring our son to theme park so he could see a different place from time to time and not to feel being caged in the house. I believe that he enjoyed his day at the theme park and in the cornice even for just a short time and I will be making a post of it too.

Anyway, I went to the traffic department today at past eight in the morning so I will have enough time to process before it expires on 28 February. I drove almost 50 kilometers (both ways) from our house and took me almost 30 minutes to arrive in the nearest traffic department. The good thing is that, it only took me 10 minutes or so to finish the renewal process of my driving license. That’s how fast it was despite having two persons who are ahead of me in the queue. It is one of my most efficient government transactions that I have ever experienced.

I could still remember the time when I renewed our car’s insurance and registration, June of last year. And just like today, the time that I spent travelling is much longer than the time I spent in the renewal process. It just shows how efficient and organized the system in place and I believe that they should receive a commendation for a job well done. And I also believe that if one department is efficient in their own transactions then it will have a domino effect to the others.

How I wish this can be done or will happen in the Philippines.

Traveling to Watch Live Football Match

The uncomfortably cool season has made short travels to be postponed and rescheduled as it won’t be beneficial for the health of the kids. Temperatures at night sometimes reached the lows of 13 degrees Celsius but it didn’t deter us to watch one of a lifetime football match last night, “The Battle of the Champions”. It’s a friendly match between World and European champions Spain and South American champions Uruguay at the Khalifa International Stadium.

It was the first time that we watch live football match inside the stadium. We are excited to at least watch together an outdoor game but when the match has started, I had mixed feelings of watching another football match on the pitch the next time around. Not that I don’t like the atmosphere and aside for the fact that you won’t get a replay of the events especially when a goal is scored, but I think I’m just overwhelmed by the mere size of the football field that it seems so huge comparing when you are watching in on big screen.

The match started on time and I am happy since we still have to travel going back home by road with almost 50 km and I have an early morning work today. Although there was some traffic after the game but we are still able to reach home by 12 midnight. And the only thing that didn’t materialize is the telephoto lens that I suppose to borrow from a friend. it should have been a very nice experience with a telephoto lens on hand to capture a closer snapshots of the players on the pitch.