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Coincidence or There’s Really Something in it

I am just making a quick post today as i saw the photo below from the Facebook wall of a friend and I immediately posted it because of the great capture from whoever owned this photo. Take a closer look at the holly water poured at the child’s head. It made me curious if it is just coincidence when the shutter took the snap of the water or there’s really something in it? I don’t want to stir any argument or issues in here for you may have different interpretation and beliefs so it’s up to you what you see from the photo below.


DISCLAIMER: I did not own the photo above and I just posted it for the sole purpose of sharing and no other else. If you are the owner of the photo and don’t want to have it published here then let me know so I can remove it immediately.

Playing Safe With Poker Game

Have you ever been to a casino? Have ever seen how a poker table looks like? Have you ever witnessed players playing their fate in the said card game? Have you ever played poker and won a price online? Or maybe you have played poker in online sites like the ones at Facebook and all other free gaming sites.

A lot of people who get addicted to playing poker inside casinos often come out empty handed, unless of course, they win and leave the poker table while they can. Have you ever typed in your credit card information just to make a bet in an online poker game, to win whatever is at stake? Have you ever stopped continuous online bets even without winning in a game? Those who find it difficult to steer away from the temptation of playing another round, in the hope of winning again, will naturally lose in the end. Why? Because, unlike free poker where one can play poker without any hassle, where the game is only for fun with points, and no real money is involved, playing poker inside the casinos, or on online gaming sites, one have so much to gamble, both money and reputation. There are even sites which offer No download required to be able to play poker, but as far as playing safe is concerned, there are also free poker sites to just log into and unwind, without even fearing loss.

Happy New Year 2012

It is now official that the year of the water dragon has started. I wish you all the best  in the year to come and a Happy New Year 2012Here’s a small presentation to you my readers and travelers to see. Just click on the link above.

I am hoping everything is great in the coming year and that also includes my blogging activities. I am not sure yet how my blogging activity will work out in this year but I am sure that there will be some difference considering that Adgitize had bid farewell already. It’s a very sad news that Ken has given to the Adgitize family just several days ago before the New Year. I am just wondering why such a good advertising platform has to close its door. Everyone was saddened with the sudden shutting down more so that we found a good customer relation in the person of the owner himself (Ken Brown) who happen to prioritize the needs of his customers and answer them the soonest possible time. I am very much sure that those who have been part of Adgitize will surely miss the events that unfold each day and it has changed many bloggers in so many ways.

I wish you Ken good luck in your endeavor and hopeful to interact again with you in the future.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.