Confusing Destination

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 17. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Mys of Written by Mys.

This is the my first post here in “Snapshots as they happen” and I am already not certain on which path this blog will go. I was thinking at first that I will move my personal blog “humble opinion by sirrob” to a self hosted and that was the intention when I won this domain from a giveaway I joined a few days back. But then something came up last night and I have to admit that it has to do with the present Page Rank that the blog have. Though it is still at PR1 yet it is far better than N/A. - confusing destinationWhat made me decide not to migrate instead start and write a new one is the possibility that I might monetize it in the future although the decision is not final and it may change in the coming days. What holding me in pursuing it, are the circumstances that happened when I migrated my medical, health and safety blog as a self hosted in mid June this year. It used to be PR0 then there was Google Page Rank Update late June then followed by another one in the first or second week of July and mine is one of the beneficiaries. It now stands at PR2 and started getting attention in the blogosphere.

I am also weighing that if I won’t transfer my personal blog then this will be my fourth blog and I have already abandoned the third one. So I might not have the time to update all of them. On the other hand, I was thinking that I will just use this domain as a photography blog since I might be able to acquire (crossing fingers) the much dreamed 600D later this month or early next. And if not then it might turn out to be the other side of “It’s All About Seth”.

4 thoughts on “Confusing Destination

  1. admin

    @reese: Indeed a new blog, it is a week old still and still in the process of adding what is needed.

    @ Ma Belle: My medical/health and safety blog is PR2 not this one. I don’t know either how it became PR2. hehe

  2. Techie She

    ahhh!!! i typed the longest comment of all time but everything was erased because I entered the wrong captcha. yiii!!!

    anyway, tinamad na akong magtype (hehe) kaya just wanna say thanks for joining the week 17 of the techie she lucky blogger weekly giveaways. regards and good luck!


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