Doha’s Skyline was Defaced

You can immediately determine on the pictures below the difference between a developing and developed countries.

This is Doha’s skyline over looking the corniche six years ago. You’ll noticed several tall buildingsĀ scattered in the area and I can call that a developing nation. Look what happen at present time when all of those vacant slots are covered with skyscrapers. Use the buildings on both ends as your markers in the next photos and you will be amazed what a developed country is all about.

Travel Photolog - sirrob

Travel Photolog - sirrobTake a closer look of the sky scraper city.

4 thoughts on “Doha’s Skyline was Defaced

  1. Pretty Kat

    I supposed to get a 1st stop flight in DOHA pero the waiting time going to Sweden was too long for me to wait…

    I wonder what’s the highest building in DOHA, and how many floors.


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