DSLR Camera Bag (Case Logic)

Two months ago, that was several weeks after I got my Canon 600D, I was planning of buying a camera case that progressed into something bigger… a camera bag. Earlier last week, at last I was able to have a camera bag so that my camera would have some protection and also to bring the necessary gadgets and accessories for the camera all the same bag. This is not a review or a paid post and probably I will open up my thoughts and give my view/s regarding Case Logic if it fits and suits my needs in the near future when I am able to use it extensively. For now it is still too earlier to tell what this stuff can boast but as of the moment I like the bag and the way the segregation was done.

Front View

Take a closer look of the inside and the rest of the sides of the Case Logic DSLR bag below. And don’t miss the new tripod I have also.

Main Compartment

Left Side

Top View

Back Side



4 thoughts on “DSLR Camera Bag (Case Logic)

  1. Pinx

    that’s a very nice bag sir rob! i love the compartments where you can place all your camera accessories and other stuff! i’d say go for it!

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