Early Plans for the Next Summer

Time flies so fast and before I knew it, the US Election 2012 is over and Christmas season is here once again then the next turn of time will have summer right there knocking at our doorstep too. I know it’s still too early to be talking about summer holiday plans considering that Christmas and New Year are not over yet but hey, I learned that there are several advantages of early-planned trips. One reason is, summer is a peak season and resorts and hotels are usually having full bookings during this time of year so it’s a matter of “early bookers, catch the rooms.”

Another reason is that hotel discounts are usually available for early birds which give them a great deal of savings. And with the estimated expenses being foreseen already, there is enough time to save up for the needed amount for the next holiday trip. I actually am a very spontaneous person. I like to do things as they come and just “cross the bridge” when I get to it but I realized there’s no harm in trying to be more organized this time especially that I’ll be spending my hard-earned money so there’s no way that this summer trip is going to fail.

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