Happy New Year 2012

It is now official that the year of the water dragon has started. I wish you all the best  in the year to come and a Happy New Year 2012Here’s a small presentation to you my readers and travelers to see. Just click on the link above.

I am hoping everything is great in the coming year and that also includes my blogging activities. I am not sure yet how my blogging activity will work out in this year but I am sure that there will be some difference considering that Adgitize had bid farewell already. It’s a very sad news that Ken has given to the Adgitize family just several days ago before the New Year. I am just wondering why such a good advertising platform has to close its door. Everyone was saddened with the sudden shutting down more so that we found a good customer relation in the person of the owner himself (Ken Brown) who happen to prioritize the needs of his customers and answer them the soonest possible time. I am very much sure that those who have been part of Adgitize will surely miss the events that unfold each day and it has changed many bloggers in so many ways.

I wish you Ken good luck in your endeavor and hopeful to interact again with you in the future.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012

  1. aynzan

    It was an unexpected news closing Adgitize.Hope the network bloggers with entrecard still visit each others pages via the ‘entre-drop’.

  2. Techie She

    happy new year to you borris. indeed, the closing of Adgitize is a sad thing for us bloggers. hopefully, another site will be able to take its place.


  3. Doug in Missoula

    When I first began using Adgitize about three years ago there were 164 ads available to drop upon. At the end there were only 108 or so. Advertisers were not renewing, and most of the regular advertisers were big hitters that earned ALL of their money back again, so very little was left over for Ken to pay server fees. It was an experiment that was a great idea, but advertising money has just dried up over the past three years. My Project Wonderful Ads used to sell for .30 cents a day and now are about .01 and .02.

  4. teecup

    Happy New Year, Sir Rob! I love your banner image. It really has some character. Is the cartoon of you? The wink is really cute.

    As to Adgitize, I couldn’t agree with you more. I will miss Adgitize and Ken Brown. Still, I am happy to see some of our Adgitize friends here.


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