In the Process of Blog Makeover

As of the moment I am in the process of a blog makeover and if you find something good to add to make things great here, I appreciate it so much if you leave a comment and point it out. I also would invite any criticism in whatever form it may be as long as there’s no profanity involve and for sure it will be deleted immediately. It is a slow process considering that my makeover artist is having a very hectic schedule in life which I also understand and I am not pushing it to finish right away. But so far, the result is very great and I am loving the new look of this travel photolog.

On the other hand, I am also changing my banner to complement the new image here which will be running in a few days time. I am hoping that you’ll continue to support my footsteps as I continue to improve in refining my skills (as if I do have one) in taking a snapshots of my daily travel in life that involves my family.

I will be exposing my artist in a few days time once it’s finished. I still don’t have permission but I am sure that it won’t be a problem.

2 thoughts on “In the Process of Blog Makeover

  1. reese

    love the header…and your blog title!
    ah you will be changing pa pala the banner?

    tama ka, strikes, rallies and other forms of protesting were done since the ’50s, since the progressive mass movement was founded here in the philippines

    but we have to do this over and over again to compel the government to listen to our demands as well as asserting for our rights and welfare

    state violence/fascism is the twin of people who protests against the social ills of a rotten society, the ruling elite had to do repressive actions because it don’t want to listen to the people’s demands

    the progressive mass movement has done great changes in our country:
    1. it exposes and opposes the anti-people policies and programs of the government
    2. through the violent First Quarter Storm in the 70s, the mass movement facilitated and compelled Marcos to leave Malacanang
    3. the violent disperal of rallies and strikes as well as massacre of rallying farmers expose the evil features of Cory
    4. the violent dispersal of rallies and strikes and the all out war in Mindanao, as well as his anti-people policies and all-out kurakot also compelled Erap leave Malacanang
    5. this also occurred in Ramos regime and now GMA is paying back to her sins to the Filipino people

    this struggle for rights and welfare, for justice and freedom is protracted…

  2. Lainy

    Can’t wait for the finished layout. I got curious as to who’s the artist behind the make over :-) Wala akong ka-talent talent sa ganyan. I rely heavily on my good blogpal, Windy for my blogs’ embellishments.

    Thanks for the visit at

    See yah!


    Yes, I am half-blooded BB, my mother is Bicolana from Luzon :-)


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