Life’s Uncertainties as it Happen

During one of my travel in the North of Cebu (I think it was 2007) my attention was caught when I saw the structure below that made me think and ask myself that, is this how hard life be in here? That the person who built the structure had to do it on the waters? I believe this could be where s/he take her/his rest the days work is finished. Looking at it, I think the one at the far right (at the back) is probably the comfort room, the way I see it and the way it was covered.

Water over troubled house.

One thought on “Life’s Uncertainties as it Happen

  1. reese

    ganyan kahirap at kalala ang buhay ng Pinoy…kawawa talaga ang marginalized nating kababayan
    here in Metro Manila nagkalat ang ganyang klase ng bahay sa Navotas at Baseco at Parola sa Tondo; wala silang tirahan eh…di sa dagat na lang!
    tumira at nakatulog na ako sa ganyang bahay… kasi i am an activist noong college, we need na makipamuhay sa mga maralita


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