Outstanding Deja View

While watching the sunsets and about to fade to the other side of the world and before it becomes a sunrise, we had some great find when we heed back to our room. Although the resort that we are staying is not new and had been in business for quite some time already but with the reflections of the fading sun to its facades had a great impact the way you look at the picture below.

Mitigating Life's Uncertainties - Sunset Bantayan

The coconut tress on the far left of the island complement in making it a postcard perfect and the beam coming from the sun is just the right lighting to blend in. That is just how I see it from a newbie stand point. The picture hasn’t been into any photo editor except that it was resized to fit to the dimension of the blog’s theme.

The photo is part of our 5-day getaway in Bantayan Island and the edifice on the far right is the Sta. Fe Beach Club where we stayed.

6 thoughts on “Outstanding Deja View

  1. reese

    love the scenery! i always love the countryside
    pang-postcard nga ang shot!

    why are you intrique to people watching Twilight series? maganda kaya ang story and i love the characters…

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