Sunset near Sta. Fe Pier in Bantayan Island

Here are more captures from our Bantayan Island getaway and when I look at it again, I came to realize that we got some good shots though, at least the way I see it yet I am open for suggestions on how to improve my skills.

This shot is on the right if you are facing Sta. Fe Beach Club.

This is obviously facing the pier.

 The same shot as above, only that I partially cut the glaring sunset. And  all of the shots did not pass any photo editor except for resizing only.

3 thoughts on “Sunset near Sta. Fe Pier in Bantayan Island

  1. reese

    lovely view indeed!

    will GMA be convicted? nice question…SC said they can undo the arrest…nakakainis!
    PNoy inaction should be noted…
    well… there will be lots of twist and turn of this struggle, the Filipino people must be vigilant


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