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Remembering the Bantayan Getaway

The Philippines have three major islands and are blessed with wonderful beaches with powdery white or the black sand in Bicol and Iligan. In Visayas, you can find the island of Boracay. And another island found in the northern part of Cebu is the Bantayan Island. This Island is less populated compared to others which mean less exploitation on its natural resources like the fine grain sand, lush greenery and also the aquatic resources. The island boasts of its white sand that is mysteriously cool to the feet even on a hot summer. Seafood abound in this paradise, one can taste the freshness of these sea delights right on their dining tables.

Getting to this wonderful Island is easy. Most people get there by bus and then hop on a ferry.  Although there’s a small private airport in the island but that is never been the way for the masses because you’re going to miss what you can see in the towns that you pass along the way.

So if your starting point is from Cebu City, take a cab to the North Bus Terminal. Once there, you’ll find barkers that will guide you to the bus bound for Hagnaya. There can be baggage handlers around that can help you too but just prepare for a tip of around 10-20 pesos which already puts a smile on their face. Then from there, you will travel for about 3 ½ hours to the port of Hagnaya where ferries are waiting to take you to the other island for your Bantayan Getaway. Sometimes the seas are rough but there ain’t any moby dick in the area.