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Five Days in Bantayan Island

Our trip to Bantayan Island started at the Hagnaya Warf on the west side of Cebu and took a ferry boat ride for an hour. We were there for five days and four nights and stayed at Sta. Fe Beach Club (the photo below) located a few meters away from the pier in Bantayan. We stayed at the second floor just left of the balcony so we can have a clear view of the sunset.

We did not stay there until in our second day in the island. We actually transferred from the other resort which is our first choice based on the reviews I’ve read online but our experience turns out to be the opposite. It wasn’t the kind of service we expected from the money we paid them. Imagine being serve late and you are starving then when it was served, the rice was undercook and there’s still some hard portion when we ate (we don’t have a choice by then).

The next day we packed and left without any single hesitation and moved to Sta. Fe Beach Club which is the sister resort of Ogtong Cave. And the good thing is if you stay there, you will have free use of amenities at Ogtong Cave and free transport also to and fro but they just have specific timings on the transport.

Going Far Up North in Cebu

Our son had a fever for two days now and it’s a pain in the (you know where it is) for he’s been cranky and choosy. He’s not even drinking his milk and sometimes have to force feed him so he has something in his gut. It will take forever when you feed him then I have to substitute juice and water for his milk to avoid getting dehydrated.

But hey wait… don’t be pissed for this isn’t going into a family oriented post and will remain as it is. I was just trying to tell that it will take for a bit while for me to add the shots I took using the 600D. Another thing is that, I am still trying to get acquainted with its features. There was no time to go out as well since our lil boy is still sick but once he’s back into his active routine then I will be posting some samples.

And if you still remember in my earlier post that I was in north of Cebu last July, I was there too on November of 2009 just to visit the white sands of Bantayan Island and take a peek on what’s inside Ogtong Cave Resort. I heard a lot of compliments from my friends about the resort and would want to experience its beauty then. It’s our (with my wife) first time to be in that island but I’ve done my research ahead of time. Below is what you can see at the entrance of the resort.Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness - Ogtong Cave

Then as you pass past the reception and towards the restaurant you’ll see the pool below over-looking from there. Continue reading