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Snapshots as They Happen

Had a lazy week recently not from being burn-out in the blogging world but because of the pain from the infection in my left finger that’s affecting my mobility in general. So it took me awhile to write something about the makeover of this travel photolog.  I tried my luck many times to hire someone to do the makeover but it was only early this month that it was able to move a step forward and then the rest was history.

So here it is…! Way back September of this year I won a FREE domain name of my choice in one of the online giveaway/contest that I joined. It was one of the lucky days that I have this year since it’s the second time that I won bigger prizes (at least to me). And then I started this to document our travel and my obsession in learning photography. But at first it was a confusing time of what niche I will have because I think it would be hard to maintain three blogs while having a day job and a 1 year old boy in the house. It was only near the end of this month that the decision to become a travel photography blog is very evident when my wife bought a new Canon 600D DSLR.

Snapshots as They Happen

Then fast forward at present, the image above is the new banner I have for this travel photography blog. It is already pretty obvious who designed it so let me take you where I got the idea and how I arrived with the concept. It was taken from, wait a minute… hmm, this could be a good way to run a contest or a giveaway.

What do you think?

Something like treasure hunting, digging around my blog to come up where it came from and what’s the original concept is. But the mechanics on how to go about it is still fuzzy and I seems don’t have any idea how. Although I like the concept of sharkbytes in one of her contest but the thing is, that one too needs some digging. I will try to contact her some time at the weekend.

In the Process of Blog Makeover

As of the moment I am in the process of a blog makeover and if you find something good to add to make things great here, I appreciate it so much if you leave a comment and point it out. I also would invite any criticism in whatever form it may be as long as there’s no profanity involve and for sure it will be deleted immediately. It is a slow process considering that my makeover artist is having a very hectic schedule in life which I also understand and I am not pushing it to finish right away. But so far, the result is very great and I am loving the new look of this travel photolog.

On the other hand, I am also changing my banner to complement the new image here which will be running in a few days time. I am hoping that you’ll continue to support my footsteps as I continue to improve in refining my skills (as if I do have one) in taking a snapshots of my daily travel in life that involves my family.

I will be exposing my artist in a few days time once it’s finished. I still don’t have permission but I am sure that it won’t be a problem.