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Life’s Uncertainties as it Happen

During one of my travel in the North of Cebu (I think it was 2007) my attention was caught when I saw the structure below that made me think and ask myself that, is this how hard life be in here? That the person who built the structure had to do it on the waters? I believe this could be where s/he take her/his rest the days work is finished. Looking at it, I think the one at the far right (at the back) is probably the comfort room, the way I see it and the way it was covered.

Water over troubled house.

Northern Cebu – First Road Trip After 2 Years

Travelling is exciting and full of adventure more so when it is your first time in that place. Whether it is by land, sea or air there’s always inconvenience along the way and careful planning could mean the difference between disaster and tragedy less trip. It is always a headache when it comes to making plans but it is not that difficult as well because there are plenty of guides that you’ll find in the internet.

When I had my recent vacation last July, I went to my father’s place and travel by air for almost 10 hours. You can already imagine the inconvenience sitting on long haul flight in a cramped economy seat especially that I have long legs were movements are very limited. Not to mention the high health risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). But you know what, one time I had a superb experience sitting in the first class. Or should I say lying down? But that will be in a separate post so I can chronicle what happened that day.

mitigating life's circumstances - wiggy'sAnyway going back to that trip, on the next morning we took the road up north to the tip of Cebu with my father on the steering wheel. I usually don’t drive on the first few days upon arrival because I want to observe and note the changes (if there is) in road signs and directions. The trip was smooth since we left at 7 in the morning. Then after awhile I spotted a very familiar name on the billboard at the roadside. Refer in the photo to the right.

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