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Snapshots from Panglao Island Getaway

Here are some of the shots we took during our 3-nights getaway at Panglao Island.

This is the first sunset we got in our first day at Bohol Beach Club. The one with the blue shirt on the far left facing the beach is actually me, talking to a close friend.

This is the organic halo-halo that we tried at Bohol Bee Farm. All of the ingredients came from organic products that can be found within the farm itself.

This is the view from Bohol Bee Farm restaurant overlooking the Bohol Beach Club at the far end with white sands.

The violet bun with pork and veggies inside and mango shake. This is what we had at one of our church hopping but forgot the name of the church but it is still in Panglao Island.

Below are the snapshots of Bohol Beach Club at the beachfront.

My entry to Travel Diva’s Tuesday Travels

Sunset at Bohol Beach Club

During our stay for three nights at Bohol Beach Club we are able to get a snapshot of the sunset but in reality it is actually only the reflection of the sun rays that we took considering that Bohol Beach Club is on the east side of Panglao Island. So you won’t be able to see the sun itself and it is not about the clouds that maybe you will think that it was covered.



The photo below was when the tide is low already and that is perfect for kayaking and beach walking.

Three Nights at Bohol Beach Club

Our first day at Panglao Island was spent roaming around the small island but on selected sites only. When we arrived at the pier in Tagbilaran City the service was there already to pick us up going to Bohol Beach Club which is part of the package plan we had for the 3 nights and 4 days trip. The car was great and the driver was very kind enough when we ask if we can make a little detour to the bank.

Bohol Beach Club’s location, I would say that it’s a little bit secluded for it is far away from the national road. On the other hand, it is also a good thing so to keep the place as quite as possible and have the true relaxation we needed. Continue reading