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A Guide for the Girls: Clubbing in Ayia Napa

The island of Crete, Aphrodite and that, of course. It’s basically Russell Brand in island form, lovely and romantic, bit of a one, and completely and utterly bonkers at the same time. And just as we love good ol’Rusty, clubbing in Ayia Napa is held just as close to our humble hearts.

Sadly, we cannot guarantee that your Ayia Napa holidays come with a free Russell. Although he’d probably be up for it, at the moment it’s not a specified freebie, so you’ll have to make do with the immense range of nights out, events and eateries on offer.

As well as days well spent on the glorious Cyprus beaches, there’s plenty to do during the day on a clubbing holiday in Ayia Napa. Those 35 degree C summer heats are bound to get you hot under the collar, being cool is clearly key.

From Blue Inc. Pool Parties and the Linekers Boat Party, there’s a whole array of daytime shenanigans to get stuck into. Don’t forget to check out the waterpark in the area too, WaterWorld.

Do not deny that there will be at least a suitcase full of fancy dress bits and pieces between you all. Clubbing holidays are all about dressing up and looking fabulous. Whether you go for neon, geek, old skool or jump on the 2013 cowgirl trend, it’s time to milk every fancy dress opportunity you get.

You won’t be on your own either! Night-time fun stuff including Silent Arenas, Geek Chic parties and fabulous fun parties, all ensure that you’re in for the most epic week of clubbing capers.

That being said, still no Russell. So sorry about that. I’m sure, on the island of lurve, you’ll find someone to take your mind off it.

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