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Taking a Leap Away from Quick Snapshot

This is my entry to the Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 19. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Ruby of Postcard Enthusiast.

It’s been three days that I’ve been very busy trying to familiarize with my new toy despite the limited time. I’m sure you know what it is. I was able to upgrade into the world of dSLR and there’s no turning back anymore from PNS. Although my PowerShot S400 is still doing great job and it only needs a battery replacement yet it is still good to go. And the photo below shows how good this type of PNS despite the limited specs it has. Possibly a perfect picture for a postcard.

Mitigating Life's Uncertainties - Travel Photolog

Looks familiar to you? This was taken in the Bee Farm in Bohol at their small refreshment area at the back near the sea side. This was during our escapade with my wife and a close friend of mine. There are times that the type of camera you have will matter and sometimes don’t. Taking a great snapshot is only in your eyes but of course you also need to accept the limitation of what you have. It is impossible to take shots of wild birds or animals without disturbing them. You must keep your distance to take your desired snapshot.

And to borrow a line from David D. Busch, author of Digital SLR Cameras and Photography for Dummies, “digital SLRs do more than change how you take pictures. They change how you make pictures, as well.”

But then don’t expect something here about tutorial since I am not an expert in that matter even if I do learn this blog won’t go nearer that way. Although I will share my experience when I am able to deeply familiarize with the toys for the big boys.