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Some Facts About Travelling

Statistics of tourist arrivals whether they are local or international are increasing steadily n the past decade. Every major airport has reported a huge rise of arrivals that prompts them to plan and build terminal expansions to accommodate the growing tourist. And the infographic below is an interesting fact about travelling which and probably many among us don’t know yet of its existing especially the location of the most expensive hotel room in the world.

Can you guess where it is?


Little that we know that when we travel we actually help generate jobs and according to the US Travel Association, the travel industry in the US alone translates into an estimated 14.6 million jobs. And I am sure that this numbers are still growing in a fast pace despite some countries experiencing economic turmoil. And I suspect that it’s the tourism industry that helped in easing-up the financial burdens of some tourist destinations and hotel and resort owners.

And here’s one more trivia for you. Can you guess what city or where in the world you can find the most hotel rooms of any city worldwide?