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The World is Your Oyster

Thanks to today’s extensive list of package holiday destinations, the world really is your oyster.

Just think, you could be jetting off for seaside fun in Greece, soaking up the sights of ancient monuments in Egypt, cruising the Mediterranean in luxury or exploring Dubrovnik’s ancient city walls in Croatia. Or maybe you’d prefer to be scaling the heights of Mount Teide in Tenerife, or shopping for designer labels in Italy?

Whatever you fancy and wherever you want to go, today’s holiday market can almost certainly take you there. And what’s more, it won’t have to cost the earth. Affordable package holidays come in all shapes and sizes, it really just comes down to your definition of “affordable” – for instance, it could be a quick hop over to the sun-soaked shores of Spain for a week by the beach, or it could be a fortnight in fun-filled Florida with the whole family.

If you’re after a package holiday, you’ll find plenty of holiday deals in the form of last-minute getaways. These can apply to any package holiday destination from the Caribbean to Portugal, Thailand to the Canary Islands. Booking within a week or two of the departure date can certainly present plenty of reduced-price holidays, but it can also be a risky strategy as you never know what you’re going to get, and your top choices could easily get snapped up by other eagle-eyed holidaymakers.

It’s often better to book well in advance – as much as a year or more before your departure date – and enjoy the lion’s share of choice as well as some decent early bird discounts. Plus, you’ll get a little longer to pay off the cost of the holiday, save some spending money, and plan all the things you’ll do once you get there.

From the theme parks of Florida to the sun-baked shores of Spain, the world really is your oyster…

 Image from thomascook.