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The Convenience of Park and Fly

As the mode of transportation became sophisticated so does the moving around of people and cargo from one place to another. And it also became an opportunity for business minded individual to start investing in airport parking or in a park and fly scheme. This became a hit and a huge business for many hotels near the airports as it is a convenient way to frequent traveler as you know that you own your time when you get back from your travel because you can just drive with your car when you arrive.

Many of the busy airports nowadays, like Heathrow and JFK Airport, are offering plenty of choices when it comes to parking your car while you are away for either pleasure or business trip. Different airport and different place probably have different terminologies being used like park and ride, meet and greet, meet on return and the most common (at least for me) is the park and fly. I believe all of them are just the same and if not then it would only be just a small difference. And in terminal 5 long stay are being offered at an attractive fee that is hard to resist.

The park and fly package is what came to my mind when this kind of subject is brought up. I remembered it one time before when I use my father’s car and since I don’t want to just leave it to anyone in Cebu, so I decided to park it inside the hotel in front of the airport and registered it in the hotel’s valet parking service. In that way, I know that the car is safe and I only have to pay a daily fee which somehow is a reasonable price considering the kind of service they have. In fact, they use a checklist to inspect your car before you leave so you can claim for any damages that might happen that is not recorded in the checklist.

Image from wikimedia commons.