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Visiting the Family Park in Doha

The trip to the west coast was followed by a visit in the local family park in Doha that my son enjoyed so much. Especially that it’s his first time to see ducks up close and play around with them. These are a few moments of him playing outside the house, not that we don’t want him to go out but we are forced because of his atopic dermatitis. It will flare up when he is exposed to harsh environment conditions, so we are limiting his playing time outside. You’ll see in his facial expression how happy he is with the ducky time.


Pretty obvious that he is enjoying the company of the ducks.

The other side of the pond, overlooking the partially opened restaurant.

My Entry for Travel Tuesday.

A Trip to the West Coast

Five days ago, we took a trip to the west coast by car. It was past eight in the morning when we started our journey. We travelled more than 80 km by road that went well without any accident despite a foggy weather at that time. It was a five-car convoy but because of the harsh condition, three of us were left behind. I’m glad that when we arrived the fog disappears and I have a good sight of the surroundings. I’ve been here in Qatar for 8 years already but it was my first time to be in the west coast.The first thing that I noticed is the mountains surrounding the area which I did not expect and that I did not saw also in the south-east side. More photos below for a landscape snapshot and the mountain (barren actually). Continue reading