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Going Back to the Beach

The proposed plan of going for the second sand dunes trip might not be happening any time sooner as plans of going back to the beach is fast developing. Yes, it is our second time around to visit the beach in the span of less than a month that is because of the good weather that we experience. And I do believe that winter is here already. I could feel the temperature changes and the time change in the morning and at dusk. And many countries will start changing their clocks for daylight savings time 2012.

Anyway, going back to the beach trip, most of us has already arranged our schedules so we can maximize our time away from hectic work and for the kids to bond and have a nice time in the beach. The plan was to visit a local beach, stay overnight to have fun games for families and kids then the in the following day, we will proceed to visit the mangrove forests. It is only a short trip nearby but we need to be there early so we can take our chance of catching crabs and other edible shells.

Right now, I think everyone is excited already for this family trip after a successful time during the Halloween party. The kids have fun too at that time and I’m sure they will have a great time as well in the beach since they will have all the time they want. And I am hoping that I can take good sunrise shots and hopefully sunsets too.