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Three-Day Palawan Getaway: Sheridan Beach Resort

As I have mentioned in my previous post “The Paradise at the End of the Road” that we are staying at Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa, so I will feature it today in Travel Tuesday. All of the photos publicized here were taken during our first night in Palawan right after we came from our thrilling trip to the World Famous Underground River.

My two sisters who always want to pose in front of the camera.

 The picture on the left is what you can see right after you leave the reception and the one on the right is the big swimming pool right after the center structure in the left photo. The structure is the guest bar that is slight submerged from the surface and almost level with the water in the pool.

This is the back view of the resort and the main swimming pool in between the rooms.

Travel Photography

Traveling is an exciting concept to most photographers. New cultures, scenery, and most excitingly, people to see. It’s brilliant to see photographers document their adventures with photographs…that is, it’s great when they do it well. Too often it feels like you aren’t looking at a travel photographers images, but merely a holiday goers. While on holiday, which you can book using Tours4fun coupon codes, make the most of your surroundings! Here’s some advice to make sure you bring back the best shots from your next adventure:

1. Go and explore!:

Forget tours, or recommended sites, go and explore. As a photographer, it’s your job to love the undiscovered. The single best thing to do is to find an interesting starting point, and just start walking. You’re guaranteed to find new and exciting places and people.

2. Shoot in the AM and PM:

The goal of photography is to make each shot unique, and special, in some way. A great way to get some contrast in shots in your photography, is to shoot in the early morning as well as the late night. You’d be surprised by how much of a different perspective you’ll receive.

3. Respect:

Respect for your surroundings, the people, and your subject is paramount. This is not your home, you are a guest, so act like one. Also, take into consideration that some people won’t appreciate you. They won’t want you walking around taking photos of their villages, houses, or in fact, them. Don’t take this personally – they aren’t being offensive, they just aren’t comfortable with you. That’s ok.

4. Mix it up:

Sure, the foreign scenery is gorgeous, but is that really all you want to photograph? There’s so much more interesting things going on around you. Foreign food can be very interesting to photograph, especially the type which is aesthetically intriguing.

To summarize, don’t be boring, and go explore. Find new destinations, and capture the adventure involved in the discovery. Venture out at night, and in the early morning. Both provide beautiful conditions for photography. Capture a range of exciting things, don’t go for just scenery, and don’t just take portraits either. Shoot what you want, when you want, as long as the people it affect don’t mind. The worst thing you can do is offend. This isn’t acceptable, if someone doesn’t want you to photograph them, no matter how interesting they are or how much you are willing to pay, then just walk away. It doesn’t matter. There’s enough beauty in the world for everyone.