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Hassle Free Travel

Our trip to Panglao way back 2009 was the most awaited one.  A big  break away from the chaotic world of business and trading, away from traffic jams in the city not to mention the never ending honking of vehicles around you, hard to find parking spaces and of course the city heat and car emissions that levels up your stress.

The trip has made a stand-still of all that. It was like unplugging yourself from the mechanical and technological world and connecting yourself to nature. We were out of touch at that moment (of course delegation of work is really handy). The moment we sat on the chauffeur driven car of the resort towards the countryside hideaway, we were already free. Free as a bird. No emails, no phone calls, no business meetings. This is what I call a hassle free travel. Everything was already booked from the vehicle to the resort, the moment we arrived at Tagbilaran pier.

The next place on the list is Malaysia. We are planning to visit their historical sites. I think it is a good place for photography and of course the delicacies, once everything will be in place, I am hoping that my next trip will be a hassle free travel too.

Three Nights at Bohol Beach Club

Our first day at Panglao Island was spent roaming around the small island but on selected sites only. When we arrived at the pier in Tagbilaran City the service was there already to pick us up going to Bohol Beach Club which is part of the package plan we had for the 3 nights and 4 days trip. The car was great and the driver was very kind enough when we ask if we can make a little detour to the bank.

Bohol Beach Club’s location, I would say that it’s a little bit secluded for it is far away from the national road. On the other hand, it is also a good thing so to keep the place as quite as possible and have the true relaxation we needed. Continue reading

A Brief Getaway in Panglao Island

We went to Bohol last Aug. 2009 for 3 nights and 4 days getaway at Bohol Beach Club in Panglao Island after coming from Bacolod Caribbean Water Park (this will be a separate post including our stay at Bohol Beach Club). We took the first trip (0830H) by fast ferry of SuperCat at Pier 4 going to Tagbilaran. While on board the catamaran, I immediately noticed the so many Koreans aboard and the two sitting beside us were Koreans not to include the one in front of us. It looks like we are in Korea by looking at the ratio between Koreans and the other nationalities.

Mitigating Life's Circumstances - Panglao Getaway

We had a guided tour along Panglao Island attractions by a close friend of mine but we only went to a selected few. Our first stop was the Bohol Bee Farm. All of the products they have are produced through an organic farming that they cultivate in the area including the soil compost. The ice cream that they serve came from organic products as well and uses honey bee as sweetener.

Mitigating Life's Circumstances - Bee Farm

They also offer a guided tour within the farm for a fee (I forgot how much we pay them) and have the chance to pose with the bees. Yeah, literally pose with the bees. I know that the bees there are not the killer bee type and I’m not sure if I am allergic to bee stings but I am pretty much sure that it is quite very painful and surely will hurt. Look how clumsy I am while holding the bee hive. Aside from the first time of doing it (by force from my wife and the tour guide), the fear of getting near them is one and the fear of dropping the hive is another. Take a closer look of how small the handle that I am holding and add to it the bee crawling on your fingers.

Anyone noticed the shirt that I wear? I’m sure you are laughing if you understand what it is. And every time I’m in Cebu, I always drop by at one store in Ayala Center and you know which store it is. I already have a collection for this kind of shirt.