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In the Process of Blog Makeover

As of the moment I am in the process of a blog makeover and if you find something good to add to make things great here, I appreciate it so much if you leave a comment and point it out. I also would invite any criticism in whatever form it may be as long as there’s no profanity involve and for sure it will be deleted immediately. It is a slow process considering that my makeover artist is having a very hectic schedule in life which I also understand and I am not pushing it to finish right away. But so far, the result is very great and I am loving the new look of this travel photolog.

On the other hand, I am also changing my banner to complement the new image here which will be running in a few days time. I am hoping that you’ll continue to support my footsteps as I continue to improve in refining my skills (as if I do have one) in taking a snapshots of my daily travel in life that involves my family.

I will be exposing my artist in a few days time once it’s finished. I still don’t have permission but I am sure that it won’t be a problem.