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Palawan Rock Formation

Since I came back from my vacation last March 2012, I haven’t been able to go out and take pictures, though a plan heading to the inner desert is looming at the end of this month. Yet, that too needs to be seen if work schedule can be arranged.

It is for that reason that there haven’t been any updates posted here and I was also busy with more work related trainings that I should attend. So I will just expose the different and magnificent rock formation in Palawan but only concentrated in our El Nido trip. And before that, here’s a glimpse of the amazing El Nido.

I took all the pictures with only the kit lens I have in my camera and that I don’t have the chance to fully capture what EL Nido can offer. I cannot get what I need to achieve when I want it to be of something. And it became a handicap on what I want to see.

They call this one as “the breast mountain”. It’s pretty obvious why it was called as such. I have seen two of it there and this one was in our way to El Nido and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have a good look of the other one because of my lens’ limitations. You can see it if you are heading to the Underground River National Park.

Before you descend to EL Nido beach front, these clusters of big rock formation will greet you with amazement.