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In the Process of Blog Makeover

As of the moment I am in the process of a blog makeover and if you find something good to add to make things great here, I appreciate it so much if you leave a comment and point it out. I also would invite any criticism in whatever form it may be as long as there’s no profanity involve and for sure it will be deleted immediately. It is a slow process considering that my makeover artist is having a very hectic schedule in life which I also understand and I am not pushing it to finish right away. But so far, the result is very great and I am loving the new look of this travel photolog.

On the other hand, I am also changing my banner to complement the new image here which will be running in a few days time. I am hoping that you’ll continue to support my footsteps as I continue to improve in refining my skills (as if I do have one) in taking a snapshots of my daily travel in life that involves my family.

I will be exposing my artist in a few days time once it’s finished. I still don’t have permission but I am sure that it won’t be a problem.

Becoming a Travel Photolog

As of the moment it’s getting clear that “humble opinion by sirrob” will not be possibly hosted and migrated here considering the wider scope that it covers and the page rank that will be lost. It is also because of the hassle in updating more blogs is just horrible in my part at this time and I don’t want to gamble in anything yet. While the possibility of having it as a photoblog is getting closer as September reaches its last week and the suspense is growing (yet still crossing fingers).

Mitigating Life's Circumstances - Confusing SIgnagesAt least for now the gloomy sky starts to become brighter as time passes by and the uncertainties are dropping one by one as another day unfolds. I was also thinking that it can be a combination of the other side of “It’s All About Seth” and a photolog. While the interest in online money making is still there but it will be placed at minimal.

On the other hand, the other difficulty that I encounter is the kind of banner that I will use in promoting this blog and how does it appear in relation to the content and theme. I am open for any suggestions that you can throw in my way and it is highly appreciated if you can leave a comment for that matter. Promoting this blog is not be a problem but retaining readership and getting those traffic coming back is one big headache although there’s a big difference, if I’m going to compare it from before when I just started writing online.

Another goal that I will try to inject in the coming days is to try to optimize it with SEO keywords to at least getting a chunk of organic traffic.