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A Happy Travel Holidays

It’s Christmas season at last and although the celebration around here isn’t as grand as we have back home, I still have a lot of reasons to celebrate this day. Aside from the fact that I still have a job that I am enjoying and I still find fulfilling, my family is enjoying the best of health and of course, looking back to what has been going on with my personal, career, and family life this year I just feel I am truly blessed.

With the New Year coming, my wife and I are listing some new year’s resolution together and one of them is to spend time to travel somewhere to appreciate life more. As to where, we don’t know yet but I am giving her the freedom to choose where as long as I can afford to finance it. Right now, my wife is busy reading travel reviews and she found this site called it’s all about the shop. She thinks it’s very helpful because she has found a lot of reviews for travel and hotels that will give her the idea as to which place should we go for this travel plans. I am confident she’ll find a place very soon.

As of now, let me say, Happy Holidays everyone.