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The Trip to El Nido

This is the long and unwinding road leading to the land called El Nido. It is almost at the tip of mainland Palawan. It is at the north east of Palawan and facing the South China Sea or should I say West Philippine Sea. Not all roads are like the one below that is dusty and not paved, I guess they are just starting rehabilitating the national highway going to one of the tourist spots in Palawan.

             Click on image for a larger view.

Despite being so dusty and uncomfortable ride, it is also so true that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. What I meant is, at the end of this very long road is paradise with calm, clear blue water hidden inside lagoons and uninhabited group of islands. A must see if you happen to be in Palawan and if you are interested what lies at the end of the road, you better come back on Tuesday for my Tuesday Travel.

My entry to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.