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The Paradise at the End of the Road

Before we even reach our destination, we have seen already a pristine, calm water of El Nido. We had a brief stop-over in the viewing deck and I thought we are still very far yet never did I know (I didn’t ask either) that we are only a kilometer or two from where we should be. It is only at the back of the small mountain on the right side of the picture. This is where the group of breakaway islands started and the end of the road. One good thing also that I noticed is the cleanliness of the surroundings.

The photo above is the mainland El Nido and the following pictures are some of the islands we’ve been into. We only went to three islands from the suppose five that’s included in the tour package we took because we don’t want to stay very late at night on our way to the resort that we are staying. It took us more than 4 hours of road trip going to El Nido because we stayed at Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa in Sabang. It is where you can find the World Famous Underground River and was already one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Of course those two places that I just mentioned will be featured too in the comings days. Continue Reading… Continue reading