The Helicopter Island

The title itself says it all. This is one of the islands that you can see in El Nido and it is indeed looks like a helicopter.

It really resembles as a helicopter shape yet it is also commonly referred as the whale island.

 Yet it is actually named as Dilumacad Island that has a considerable stretch of white sand beach and you can also find an underwater tunnel right at its northern tip.

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26 thoughts on “The Helicopter Island

  1. Adin B

    Oh how beautiful, sir rob! Thanks for sharing. Underwater tunnel? sounds interesting. Oh and the white sand? Oh my, I miss the ocean and the beach for sure. :) Beautiful!

  2. jem alvarado

    Just a few weeks ago we went to Puerto Prinsesa Palawan and most tour guide recommends us to visit EL Nido but we were out of time. Very nice scenery in the photo :)

  3. Violy

    I’ll be in El Nido soon.. So excited to take thousands of photo.. Yah I mean that.. Hehe ;)) hope to see this island too!

  4. Robi

    It’s so amazing and beyond’s men’ imagination to have this kind of island. I wish I had visited this when I was in the Philippines..

  5. Pinx

    it sure does look like a helicopter. the only thing lacking are the rotor blades..if sa whale, ang tail ang kulang. thanks for dropping by sir.

  6. Marie

    I was reminded of a similar island near Dimakya, also in Palawan…those islands are really pieces of paradise, would be so nice to spend a day there enjoying the view and blueness of the water.


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