The Last Frontier of the Philippines

Our El Nido Island hopping let us pass along the famous and well known El Nido Beach Resort Miniloc Island. And we are able to get a brief look at one of the most expensive resort. Our boatman guide said that it costs around 30K PHP (700 USD) per room, per night. I am not quite sure if the cost includes some of the activities that the resort has offered like kayaking, snorkeling, island hopping, scuba diving and the eco tours. I believe the cost is worth the stay with its stunning scenery and breath-taking view.

El Nido known as the last frontier of the Philippines has 45 islands and islets, each with its own unique features and pockets of white sand beaches. I will be featuring the rest of the islands that we are able to pass-by and that my lens can only capture, so keep coming back and be updated in the days to come. One thing also that I’ve noticed is the several stretches of limestone formations and cliffs in those islands and I will feature them in my next post.

22 thoughts on “The Last Frontier of the Philippines

  1. ralph

    site is simply breathtaking, the towering cliffs, the sea and their facilities… what more can you ask for… pera nlng kulang… LOL. Yahweh bless.

  2. Eigroj Stain

    Elnido is always on the top list of place i want to visit when i have the time to go vacation again in the Philippines. Heard so much of it how beautiful this place is.

  3. ia adam-lim

    One of my bff’s worked as a resident doctor in one of El Nido’s resorts. We wanted to stay in the resort with her but we were too busy and now she has left for Canada. :(

  4. maritel

    I was in El Nido Miniloc in 2009. At that time it was around Php45,000 per head for 2 nights…all in na (ITI dornier plane, food, all activities and amenities, except for snorkeling shoes). Miniloc is where all the activities are but is the cheapest of all the EL Nido Resorts. I hope to go back one day :)

  5. John

    I was there two years ago and also last year. Hirap lang nyang tanggihan if someone invites me to visit – at may pera. El Nido is a paradise, no doubt about it.

  6. rachelle

    woah! someone I knew also visited El Nido this summer.. and I’m dying to have a visit there too. I hope someday soon.. love your shots :)


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