The Netherlands: Drug Tourism Destination

The Netherlands who is often referred as Holland is very well known of the very fact that about 20% of its land area is below sea level and 50% of its entire land lies less than one meter above sea level.  And there’s only one thing that the Dutch are always afraid of, the risk of flooding. But that was way long time ago when they loss a considerable land mass in one of the most destructive floods in history and not to mention the thousands of lives lost.

In order to guard against floods, the Dutch embarked in a massive project that took more than 30 years to complete that is known as the Delta Works. The enormous undertaking was presumed to reduce the risk of flooding to once per 10,000 years for the rest of the Netherlands. And because of its engineering intricacies and huge master plan of the North Sea protection works, it was even considered as one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

And the Netherlands became one of the most frequented countries by many tourists and marijuana users as well. Drug tourism is often associated in the Netherlands as you can freely use marijuana in coffee shops but there were changes in its drug policy in the last few years. And that the use of certain strains of marijuana has been banned because of its unacceptable risk to human health. For sure there are medical marijuana evaluation centers available, the likes of Arizona medical marijuana evaluation center who will assist people lawfully in gaining access to medical marijuana.

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