The New Generation Kids

Our son just turn 15 months a week or so ago and probably he is now considered as a frequent flyer. He has been flying seven times even before he reaches 1 year and had his first flight before he turn 4 months old. It is not just an ordinary flight… it’s a long haul international flight of at least 10 hours which he has done four times already.

Then several weeks ago, when I left him in our room to tend some personal stuff, I saw him doing something in my laptop when I get back so I take a snapshot of what he was doing. Asked him what it is all about and this is what he said;

You see this one at the top? That is a sign that your computer is infected by a Trojan.

Now, this is how you do it to isolate and quarantine the virus. First, click start at the left lower portion of your desktop then click control panel and look for windows firewall.

Once you are finished don’t forget to click enter to save what you’ve done.

After that, press the right click and you’ll find “Look Up” at the bottom half of the new window. Then click on it and voila…! You got your virus problem solved.

Sounds easy ayt…!

That’s it for now but do check back here from time to time for another and new tutorials. I’ll relax and play first with the new toy for the big boys. And that’s one thing that must see and know. It is not something related to these boring computers.


I’m sure while reading this you have tried some of the tutorials I’ve written… GOTCHA..!
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4 thoughts on “The New Generation Kids

  1. reese

    hahaha! cute write-up
    like the tutorial…
    if my laptop encounters glitches my dad or brother fixed it, di ako maalam sa computer eh hahaha

  2. Mona

    Same with my daughter i think she started to use my laptop when she’s 1 year old.. She used it as a piano 😉 Thanks for being 1 of my top commenters last month.

  3. Shengkayful

    yay! cute naman ni baby!
    like that tutorial…
    napadaan lang for adgitizing sana but can’t help it! cutie cutie baby plus the tutorial natuwa naman ako..
    Keep it up baby!


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