The Other Side of the Pond (The Torch Doha)

Last week, I posted about my son’s happy ducky time at the family park and the scenes that I featured were just half of the whole picture. And if you will go to the other side of the pond, you’ll see a different perspective of the park, a stunning view of The Torch Doha. For now it is the tallest building in Qatar towering at 300 meters (984 ft) but soon and expected to be surpassed by Dubai Towers (400 meters) and Doha Convention Centre Tower (480 meters).

Also for now it is the most iconic landmark which is also known as the Aspire Tower for it served as the torch of the 2006 Asian Games flame. It holds the record as the tallest ever games flame. The tower has 167 modern hotel rooms, a swimming pool on the 19th floor, a viewing deck and a revolving restaurant located on the 47th floor.

My Entry for Travel Tuesday.

14 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Pond (The Torch Doha)

  1. KM

    So eto pala yung other side of the pond? nice! and the torch tower does stand tall and proud over the pond :) nice place to hang around 😉

  2. Deli

    Magnificent structure :) I wouldn’t have known Torch Doha or that this is in Qatar had you not posted this. Thanks a lot. I am pleased that my post reminded you also about your other travel adventures. Have a great day :)

  3. Travelholic

    Sir Rob, great shots! Pro man kaayo ka ug mga kuha! I am blaming your high end DSLR but more than that, the photographer in you pud! Great share, Sir Rob! Thanks for joining!

    Open na ang linky this week. Hope you can join in again! :)


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