Trying Out Canon 600D

Earlier last month we finally got the chance to go to the Aqua Park and I think it was just the right time then before the winter season comes. Right now, the weather at night and early morning will give you a little chill if you stay outdoors for some time. And next Saturday we will be going back at the Aqua Park and I was thinking that it would be the best time to try shooting landscape and possibly get a panoramic view of the park itself using the new 600D. But then I remembered that cameras are so unfortunately NOT allowed inside.

Now you might be wondering how I got the photo in my post on secondary drowning at my medical/health blog. We actually sneaked a small PNS cam and I also saw a bunch who are bringing as well, though most are using their mobile phones to take their souvenir snapshot. And even as much as I wanted to bring my new toy while at the same time practicing how to take a fairly decent picture, I don’t want to create trouble in this annual event hosted by our company.

Mitigating Life's Uncertainties - Canon 600DThis is what my new toy Canon 600D looks like on top view. I took a snapshot of the box with the same settings as shown. The white lines are from the box itself and not as a result of taking the photo.

Many would say that DSLR is the great step if you would want to expand you creative horizons in photography and get better pictures that you have control of the depth-of-field.

5 thoughts on “Trying Out Canon 600D

  1. reese

    my brother wanted a DSLR, he also like to take pictures
    ako, i’m happy with my digicam hahaha

    you are right in saying that it is hard to see justice when prominent individuals are involved…ito na ang kalakaran sa Pinas eh
    most of them are politicians who can easily commit and evade crimes because they are rich and powerful, they use military and police personnels against the disadvantage sectors of society, and if there is a system that sided with this…its tough to seek out justice

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