Visiting the Family Park in Doha

The trip to the west coast was followed by a visit in the local family park in Doha that my son enjoyed so much. Especially that it’s his first time to see ducks up close and play around with them. These are a few moments of him playing outside the house, not that we don’t want him to go out but we are forced because of his atopic dermatitis. It will flare up when he is exposed to harsh environment conditions, so we are limiting his playing time outside. You’ll see in his facial expression how happy he is with the ducky time.


Pretty obvious that he is enjoying the company of the ducks.

The other side of the pond, overlooking the partially opened restaurant.

My Entry for Travel Tuesday.

13 thoughts on “Visiting the Family Park in Doha

  1. Deli

    Love the shot of your son running after the ducks! He’s also very brave :) I remember being chased by a goose when I was a kid, I was terrified. Your son is doing the chasing :)

  2. Euroangel

    such nice images…i believed your lil boy had fun that day..i was in doha last 2009..just met a friend when i had a short stop-over for 6 is a nice city and wish to visit it again in the future..thanks sa visit..

  3. Our travels

    I’ve been to Doha once…for 14 hours or so when we were left by our connecting flight due to snowstorm in Munich lol…I wasn’t able to go about since I stayed in the hotel to tend to my son who got sick from the trip…it’s nice that you showed these images! I haven’t seen that kind of duck in a long while….sige bebe quack quack, habol…haha fun!

  4. Cookie

    Indeed your son had fun chasing ducks. I like all the pictures especially when the little boy was running after those ducks. I’ve never been to Doha. Hope to see that place with my family one of these days.

  5. Adin B

    It is one beautiful place. Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way. paying you a visit. I am currently using for editing my pictures, but sad to say they are going to be closing down this April. Thanks! :) You have one cute little man.

  6. Travelholic

    That’s a nice place to hang out, Sir Rob! I didn’t know your son is there with you. How wonderful kay di ra diay ka away from your family! :)

    Ducks can surely make the kids have fun, eh? Your son did have a blast! My daughter enjoys playing with them and feeding them too. Now we can’t wait for summer because there are unlimited time of being with the ducks in many parks here in our bukid. Lol.

    Thanks for sharing your travel post last week. Looking forward to see your share for this week! 😉


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