When the Going Gets Tough

This was captured when we were preparing to take our lunch and then suddenly he became silent which is very unusual of him. It is one of those days when the going gets tough and hard to resist. This is the result of having an active toddler who keeps running all day long.

And I think it is even getting harder when you tried to resist the temptation and you are unable to do it. Look how his face buried on his arm and he hasn’t eaten his lunch yet. It is like down, down and totally gone.

10 thoughts on “When the Going Gets Tough

  1. Christel Platt

    Found your blog through Techie She, and joined:) wanted to say hi and that picture is PRICELESS! I love it, how adorable :)

  2. Adin B

    hahahaha… I have quite a few of those photos with my little man. He could not hold it any longer and just went to sleep right in his highchair. Cute though! :)


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