Your Gateway for the Future

The photo below is an artist render possibly for the proposed expansion of the existing Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA). A lot of Cebuanos are already excited for this proposal to be built and be realized the soonest possible time. At the moment, there was already an ongoing construction of two more boarding bridges on the right side (if you are facing the building from the tarmac) of the existing airport.

The red roof on the far left of the photo is the existing international airport with a single runway and it is the Philippine’s second primary gateway. The proposed terminal expansion (T2) is probably the solution in the increasing volume of passenger at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. There has been a steady growth of passenger traffic both domestic and international.

The photo was shared in the Skyscraper City Cebu (SSC Cebu) forum. I just wish the feasibility study will be finished soon so Cebuanos can experience the gateway for the future.

15 thoughts on “Your Gateway for the Future

  1. macherie

    Just revisiting and checking out your gorgeous pics.=) Congrats on the Cebuanos, at least after MIA (the world’s worst airport, we have this to balm the sting)

  2. Myk Malag

    If this is still a feasibility study, then it’s still a long way. I remember way back in 2006-2007 when the new Ilo-ilo airport was under construction, our part in the project(telephony system) took more than six months due to some delays and coordination with the contractor and provider of the telephone lines (E1 R2).

  3. Pinoy Adventurer

    How, I wish that the Terminal 1 here in Manila will be modern at nice as these Mactan-Cebu International Airport.. It’s good that they are making a few expansions. It will attract more tourist..Go Cebu.

  4. Adeline Yuboco

    Looks really great! I really hope it would turn out as how it’s shown in the photos. Having an airport like that here would really help the tourism industry in our country.

  5. Al

    The budget is already approved and the bidding process is now on-going. Projected construction finishing date will in 2015.


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